We specialize in

Masterclasses / Workshops

Our master class programs are designed after meticulous research with leading practice heads, experts, consultants and academicians who are respected worldwide. These courses are delivered in a highly interactive format in a forum that brings forth a unique opportunity where corporate heads can come together and benchmark with their peer groups to discuss challenges and developments in their area of work. We encourage our participants to be proactive in their learning objectives to seek the best solutions to suit their specific needs.

In House Training

We offer customized workshops to major organizations across their various departments in all cadres. These courses are so designed to match the specific needs of clients at locations of their convenience. We work together with clients to schedule their annual training calendar and suggest the most appropriate course directors. Since such programs are specially tailored to the client requirements, they contribute towards excellence in staff performance resulting in higher ROI.

Strategic Forums & Conferences

These business discussions are exclusive and the topics are strategic on major issues concerning in most functions across industries. The content is developed on the basis of a thorough research with eminent leaders and champions of their respective business segments. Our clients prefer such corporate day outs to understand and interact with professionals who have different view point in the industry.

Our knowledge of the communities we serve, our ability to attract the right people and our skill at curating the physical space and creating memorable experiences bring thousands of like-minded people together.


Marketed Leading Events

It is this shared experience and the opportunities to make human connections which allow businesses to grow. At our events we make businesses flourish.

Goldman Communications' events are curated keeping in mind the industries needs, these events provide unparalleled access to information, data and learning along with detailed networking opportunities to maximize your business potential.


Engaged Communications

Tailor made platforms created to perfect the art of learning, networking and business development.

Although our portfolio is diverse; our knowledge of the communities we serve is intimate. Our team consists of people who are passionate about the communities that they serve and skilled at creating the ideal circumstances for relationships to develop, knowledge to be gleaned.


Pan Industry Forums

Our events serve a tremendous variety of different sectors - In total we serve across pan industries.